About Us


To be the leading master developer in delivering sustainable value to all our investors. Our commitment in everything we do from development to management and maintaining our assets to transform the value in ways that no one else can.


To deliver Exceptional services, value and a hassle free investment to all our clients.

About ASAS

ASAS was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Sharjah Islamic Bank.  ASAS started with the management of the Bank's real estate assets, together with the real estate assets of the Bank's clients, expanding into thousands of individual clients. 

ASAS core business is property development, construction, real estate investment and management of properties and assets. It aims at benefiting from available opportunities in the fields of investment and development of real estate projects in UAE. 

ASAS real estate brings together the profits and serving the society through applying the concept of the Islamic economy. The concept is based on dealing with assets in wealth investment, in order to add a value to the society through the real estate development. 

Over the past years ASAS has sold more than 50 million sq./ft of residential and commercial land, warehouses, buildings, schools, showrooms, offices , villas and apartments.

The company launched many residential and commercial projects in prime locations with competitive pricing and attractive payment plans.

ASAS provides a variety of services such as the development of unique projects which no other real estate company can offer, in house services such as property management, facility management, leasing and valuation offering you an All In Package, and Hassle Free Investment.

ASAS Integrated Solutions

As no other company in Sharjah, ASAS is able to offer you a hassle free investment with our in house services. With our sales, leasing, maintenance, and valuation team, we are more than happy to provide you all these services under one roof.

Starting from advising and guiding you which investment would be most suitable for you to finding a tenant, taking care of maintenance, value your property and assist you with selling. 

Why Invest in Sharjah?

There is no shortage of reasons why business investors choose Sharjah from the business-friendly environment and quality of life with consideration to specific infrastructure and workforce factors.

What are the benefits of investing in Sharjah? 

-          Opportunity for significant capital appreciation. Our Hooshi residential land prices have experienced double-digit price growth over the past few years.

-          Great rental market.

-          Store your wealth. Property can be purchased under your name and ownership can easily be transferred to other parties.

-          Live well. Your primary residence may be your largest investment. There is an opportunity to capture lots of value in Sharjah real estate while also living really well on your own term.


It is encouraging to see the Sharjah housing market has performed so well in recent years with strong population growth from overseas helping this positive performance. To invest in Sharjah is worth considering. 

Sharjah is firmly connected to global markets. Many multinationals have invested in Sharjah, finding an open, supportive, stable and cost-competitive business environment. Innovators, industry leaders and emerging talent are drawn to Sharjah by the growing opportunity to excel, considerable business benefits and the lifestyle.

The time to invest in Sharjah is NOW!